“I call upon the herbs and plants with shoots, those with stalks, with branches and those derived from Gods, the ones that provide life to men.”
Atharva Veda
Ayurveda creates vibrant health and longevity through pure foods, herbs, body treatments, yoga, deep pranic breathing, and consistent daily routine that is in keeping with our unique constitution or dosha (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).
Ayurvedic Resources offers health and beauty care products that are preservative free and made from 100% organic and all-natural ingredients. Our products contain the finest herbs, high quality spices, herbal powders, minerally rich purified clays, and oils traditionally used to bring and sustain healthy balance to the body, mind and soul. We do not use chemical or artificial additives.

All our products are hand-crafted and made in small batches to ensure the premium quality and freshness. They are created with love and enchanted with special mantras and prayers following ancient Vedic traditions. To suit the individual needs of our clients, we also offer custom formulated products.

Copyright © 2010 Ayurvedic Resources. All rights reserved.
© 2010 Ayurvedic  Resources. All Rights Reserved.